Rapid Injection Molding Processes

Manufacturing is a complex and ever-changing industry. Given the uncertainty of the manufacturing industry, it’s best to understand all of the processes available so you can make informed decisions when making your business cases for new contracts or expansions. This article will focus on Rapid Injection Molding (RIM). It is one of the most common and successful manufacturing processes, and it has been around for many decades. RIM provides three primary benefits over other manufacturing processes. Let’s see how you can leverage these benefits with minimal investment in time and money.

RIM is reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

One of the most important benefits of manufacturing with RIM is that it is incredibly reliable. As opposed to other manufacturing methods, where a drop in quality or yield can have drastic results over time, with RIM you get consistent and reliable performance from start to finish. RIM is not only more reliable than other manufacturing methods, but it is also more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t generate toxic by-products like pollution and smog-forming gases. RIM is also durable and long-lasting. Traditionally, injection molding involves several complex pieces that must be replaced regularly. However, with RIM, this is not the case. The price tag will reflect this, but the reality is that RIM is much more durable and long-lasting than other manufacturing methods.

It’s simple and doesn’t require high levels of tolerance

One of the benefits of RIM that you don’t get with other manufacturing processes is the ability to create complex products with low levels of tolerance. For example, a button must have a tolerance of 0.001 to pass through the mold. That button may have to fit a wide range of devices, but because it’s minimalistic and doesn’t have any special features, it passes through the mold with no problem. Balsa wood is another good example. It has a tolerance of 0.0002 in one dimension, which is why it passes through the mold with no problem at all.

It produces quality goods at a volume

RIM is not only reliable, but it is also capable of producing large quantities of low-value goods at a time. For example, one of the most common uses of Moulded Products is to produce automobile bumpers, which are then distributed to customers. With RIM, you can produce thousands of bumpers at a time, and then just as many more without any further processing.

RIM is sustainable and requires very little capital investment

RIM is not just a good investment for your business, but it is also an investment in your employees’ long-term health and well-being. The less stress and pressure a manufacturing employee is under, the more time they have for their families, and the better able they are to focus on their work. This, in turn, improves the quality of their goods, and they are more likely to work through illness or injury without quitting.

Bottom line: RIM has multiple benefits!

Given the rapid changes in manufacturing, you should regularly check the state of the art in your industry to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in learning more about how RIM can benefit your business, or if you’d like assistance negotiating a contract, please reach out to our team. We’re ready to help!

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