Top 10 Best Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software in 2022

Top 10 Best Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software in 2022

When you want to grow your business, the first step is to take calculated risks and focus on what you do best. While this might seem obvious, many businesses overlook it in favor of taking business risks they cannot fully control. However, when it comes to growing your business, there are always opportunities that are just out of reach because you lack the right initial equipment. If you’re looking to take your company from being a small startup to a large operation with branches all over the world, then you need to look beyond your current limitations and set up a system that will help you consistently grow and expand at an accelerated pace. The best way to do that is by implementing a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best configure price quote (CPQ) software in 2022 so that you can get an overview of what’s available in this segment of the market.

1. Zoho Configuration and Automation Platform

Zoho is an app that allows businesses to create and manage their internal control panels (ICPs). These are the software tools and processes that a business uses to govern its internal activities, such as tracking and controlling costs, accounting for inventory, and setting up and managing customer relationships. This is probably the most commonly used application in the configure price quote (CPQ) software market. It is available in a number of different configurations, including enterprise level, which allows for easy implementation of AI/ML algorithms and provides all the necessary tools to run a business. The one downside of Zoho is that it does not support every type of business or accounting system out there. This might be a problem for businesses that use other software brands’ ICPs, but not for the Zoho community.

2. iCIM2 Configuration and Automation Software

iCIM2 is a robust, enterprise-class CIM software that allows businesses to create cost, revenue, and expense reports, track employee hours, and manage a wide range of other critical business functions. iCIM2 does all this through structured data that is easily integrated with your existing software applications. This means that you won’t have to spend any time learning a new system or creating new applications. Instead, you can focus on what you do best and let iCIM2 take care of the rest. The one downside of iCIM2 is that it does not support every type of business or accounting system out there. This might be a problem for businesses that use other software brands’ ICPs, but not for the iCIM2 community.

3. Xero Configuration and Automation Software

Xero is a financial management software that lets businesses track everything from income and expenses to cash flow and more. If you’re not already using it, we highly recommend that you get on board. Xero is very easy to use and provides a straightforward and reliable way to track your finances. Xero supports a wide range of accounting standards, so whether you use accrual or cash accounting, Xero has you covered. The one downside of Xero is that it does not support every type of business or accounting system out there. This might be a problem for businesses that use other software brands’ ICPs, but not for the Xero community.

4. Adobe Photoshop CC Support for HaveTiger Data Integration

HaveTiger is a leading provider of cloud-based software for enterprises that offers everything from financial management to inventory management. This platform is what allows HaveTiger businesses to securely share data with other business applications, including those that use Adobe Photoshop. HaveTiger was recently acquired by Evernote and now has a new parent company – Evernote. While the product has been inherited with all the good will and energy that goes with it, the team at HaveTiger continues to focus on their core mission of making business data easier to access and analyze.

5. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting with Set-Up and Calculation Options

FreshBooks is an online accounting software that lets businesses create and track accounting data with ease, even tracking expenses and income in real time. This software also comes with a web-based accounting solution that lets you stay in sync with your finances from anywhere in the world with a web browser.

6. FreshBooks Mobile Accounting with App for iOS and Android

FreshBooks is a mobile app that lets you track your finances on the go. It works with iOS and Android devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. This app is ideal for when you’re on the go and want to stay in contact with your finances without having to login every time you want to see your balance or make a payment.

7. FreshBooks Online Accountant with Smartphone Access

If you prefer to keep your accounting activities at a desk, then FreshBooks Online Accountant is the ideal solution for you. This web-based software lets you create and track your accounting data from any computer or mobile device. You can set up a daily or weekly default invoice and balance sheet as well as reports detailing your financial performance. This accounting software also comes with mobile app that lets you track your finances wherever you are.

8. Ptouch Controller to Automate a Range of Functionalities

Ptouch is a handheld device that lets you control a variety of devices, including your phone, TV, stereo, and home appliances. It also comes with built-in sensors that let you track your activity and monitor your health. This device can help you stay connected with your family, reduce stress, and take better care of your health. The one downside of Ptouch is that it requires a data connection to function.

9. Summing up

In 2022, the market for configuration and automation software will continue to grow at a rapid pace, driven by new technologies and the need for smaller and more efficient businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently. With everything from AI to machine learning, computer vision, and virtual reality, there will be plenty of opportunity for growth in this segment of the software business.

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