Top 32 Best Streamonsport Alternatives In 2022

With a week of play just around the corner, many players and fans alike have their eyes on one team in particular: The StreamonSport. For some viewers this might be because they’re looking forward to seeing who can best their friends or family members at gaming; for others, it might be because they’re hoping to catch an under-the-radar matchup between two top-notch teams. Regardless of your reason for tuning in to the final 32 games, there are plenty of great alternatives out there right now that you won’t find on the stream NCS is a live streaming platform that broadcasts college basketball games live without commercials or advertisements. If you follow college hoops closely with your schedule Bs as well as any man cave streams then you know that live streaming is the future of broadcast sports media. With every major conference streaming their games online through new and exciting platforms like CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox & NBC all offering options for amateur and professional gamers looking to better their skills rather than watching someone else play tennis or bowl or score touchdowns during commercials. My only request? Ryan Reynolds (@RyanReynolds) June 16, 2018

StreamonSport Alternatives

Having looked at the major broadcast options, we now turn our attention to the new and improved, which offers fans an alternative online method of watching college hoops games. Yes, there are new members to the StreamonSport family this season, but by and large, it’s the same service with some incredibly useful updates: More options for international audiences: The global reach of makes it the go-to destination for fans who are interested in watching college hoops abroad, as well as NBA and NHL games that are being broadcast in other countries. More ways to follow your teams: With the addition of the “follow” feature, you now have even more options to follow your favorite teams and see where they are in the tournament. This can be done on the home screen, the player page, or the schedule page.

CBS Sports

While will be the default destination for many for their college hoops fix, is still the go-to resource for the pros who want to get in on the action too. There are a few key differences between the two services: More games and events: offers more college hoops coverage than, with 84 games and events listed as opposed to the 60 games and events on This includes several “in-depth” articles on individual teams and games. The bigger picture: Although is a stream-based service, it is not a true live experience. All camera angles, sound, and game data are filtered out so the only thing the viewer has is the stream. This means there is no view-from-the-floor effect, no angle-specific sound, and no way to show or avoid rebounding shots.


The ESPN app features plenty of great features that make it a great option for sports fans, but there are some notable differences between the two services: More content: Users will find a lot more content on ESPN than they will on, with more than twice the number of games and events listed. Better graphics: The artwork and overall look of the ESPN app are more refined than those on the app. Better camera angles: ESPN users can choose from a variety of camera angles, including a “First Quarter” option which zooms in on the action to give viewers a bird’s-eye view of the game.

Fox Sports 1

The Fox Sports 1 app is similar to ESPN, offering more college basketball games than the other services combined. The main difference: the Fox Sports 1 app streams in High Deflective (HD) mode, whereas ESPN streams in standard definition.

NBC Sports Network

The NBC Sports Network app is similar to ESPN, offering more college basketball games than the other services combined. The main difference: the NBC Sports Network app streams in HDTV mode, whereas ESPN streams in standard definition.


Like other video services, YouTube is another great option for fans to watch college basketball games. There are a few notable differences between the YouTube service and the other services: More games: YouTube already streams more college hoops games than the other services combined, with more to come shortly. Better quality: The quality of the stream is much higher on YouTube than on the other services. More options: YouTube has fewer options than the other apps, but they are more useful.

TBS Network

The TBS Network app is similar to ESPN, offering more college basketball games than the other services combined. The main difference: the TBS Network app streams in standard definition.

BCS National Championship Game (2020)

The BCS National Championship Game (renamed for the 2022 season) will be the culmination of the college basketball season. It will air on either ESPN or ESPN2, depending on which conference champion is the national champion. The game will be a top-tier event, and the winner gets the right to play for the NCAA championship (though the game will not be a national championship).

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