Sim Only Plan From M1 In Singapore

M1 is one of the leading providers of a suite of leading global services in the financial services industry. Founded in Singapore in 1997, M1 has operations in more than 70 countries and serves over 5 million customers across the globe. M1’s core focus is to provide its clients with best-in-class products, solutions, and services to meet their unique requirements and grow their businesses. With this goal in mind, the company has introduced a range of products and services to meet the needs of various customers within their enterprises or industries. These include, among others: Individual client planning (CAP) – Planning financial transactions between an individual and their bank or insurance company Comprehensive advisory services – including tax, retirement plan, investments, etc. Merchant visa processing – The issuing of visas for businesses operating from abroad Access to local financial institutions for instant cash withdrawals Payroll solutions – Automatic payouts to eligible employees at specified times Deposit accounting – Keeping track of cash deposits Insurance brokerage – Financial planning for business owners and individuals Money laundering detection and tracking Treasury management – Manage assets belonging to different individuals and organizations Payment card processing – Allows you to make payments using a credit or debit card Settlement clearing house – Offers an online way to receive settlements from your supplier’s Tax planning service – Assist with tax filing and other tax-related queries Travel expenses reimbursement program – Get money back if you hire someone who doesn’t live up to your travel guidelines Try it risk-free for 30 days

What is a SIM-only plan?

A SIM Only plan is a type of plan that gives customers access to a specific network and does not allow them to purchase a full range of services from M1. As such, they only get the SIM functionality and do not receive access to the full range of services available on the network. For example, if you have a SIM-only plan that only gives you access to the Singapore Exchange (SSE), you won’t be able to purchase a barrel of oil or a chocolate bar from the company’s website or get help with tax-related queries. You would need a full subscription to all M1 services to take advantage of these products and services.

What is the purpose of a SIM-only plan?

A basic purpose of a SIM-only plan is to give the customer a limited number of services to choose from. With a SIM-only plan, you are only allowed to make calls, send texts, and get data access. The plan doesn’t come with any free services, such as free voice calls, free data, free access to the M1 apps, free shipping, free banking, or free TV. Similar to a prepaid plan, a SIM-only plan gives you flexibility when it comes to managing your account. For example, you can choose to exempt yourself from paying monthly fees. Likewise, you can set up auto-recoveries if you miss payments and arrange for them to be charged to your account.

How to obtain a SIM-only plan?

SIM-only plans can be obtained from M1’s website or by calling them on 1800 663 888. You would need to provide your full name, contact details, and the name of the company you’re with. A representative from M1 will then review your request and decide whether to approve or reject it. In some cases, you may also be asked to submit proof of your identities, such as a driver’s license or passport. Once you’re approved for a plan, you can choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Customer care options for SIM-only plans

When you’re first attracted to the idea of a SIM-only plan, you may worry that your account will be limited in some way. Thankfully, M1 has some of the best customer care in the business. If you’re ever having a problem with your plan, you can dial 1800 663 888, and a representative will be happy to help. M1 also publishes a list of FAQs and support articles on their website, which you can use as a reference. You can also file a support request on their website if you’re having issues with your account.


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