Handbook on how to throw a St Tropez Yacht Party

St. Tropez is known for its wild yacht parties, and the port has been a haven for the jet set for decades. Jet set members party on yachts before going to the city’s colourful clubs and dance restaurants. Last year, Kendall Jenner, Beyonc√©, Ben Affleck, and J-Lo all went to the traditional fishing village in the south of France, which has hosted some of the craziest parties! Find out how to rent a boat in St. Tropez and throw a stylish yacht party!

There are many types of yachts that can be used to host a party in St. Tropez, from large tri-deck superyachts that can fit a lot of people into the harbour to day boats that can be used for parties near Pampelonne and the famous beach clubs. For example, the Okean 55 has two fold-out balconies that increase the space outside to a stunning 100 m2. The bigger Sunseeker 115 has a wider flybridge with a jacuzzi so that people can swim between drinks while partying in the port of St. Tropez.

Start your day by getting on your boat and saying hello to the crew in the harbour. Most yachts have room for up to 12 people and are great for parties when they are at anchor. When you get back to the dock, more people will be waiting for you. By going out into the bay, you can find hidden spots, soak up the sun, and swim in the clear water. After this first stop, where you can enjoy nature and privacy, the boat will take you back to the beach clubs of Pampelonne. You and your friends will take a short tender ride to places like Bagatelle or Club 55 to party. People from all over the world go to the lively beach clubs in the south of France because they have great music and a fun atmosphere.

After you leave the clubs, you can go back to your yacht with the new people you met and keep the party going as you sail back to port. Before putting on a show for a big crowd in port, the boats have the nicest suites for a quick shower and a break. The crew will fill up the yacht’s bars and get the champagne ready for a crazy party. It’s a nice touch to put the most expensive champagne bottles in the jacuzzi and fill it with ice for the presentation.

You’re the one who needs to go south and see the colorful city of St. Tropez.

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