What Type Of Fixed Roof Access Ladders You May Use

Fixed roof access ladder systems are smart additions that you can plan for your commercial or residential property in case there are not enough internal roof access arrangements. Sometimes you may have to plan an alternate roof access arrangement too. There are numerous reasons for fitting such a ladder, but there are many utilities that you get out of the fixed roof access ladder systems.

You can install fixed roof access ladder systems not only for rooftops, but also to access water tanks, ceilings, and other elevated spaces.

What is a Fixed Roof Access Ladder?

A fixed roof access ladder is a permanent or fixed fitting on the property through an external wall that connects with the roof from any floor or height of your choice. These fixed roof access ladder systems come in many designs which can be aptly chosen as per your requirement. Some offer more protection and support, while others offer better space.

Cages, fall arrest systems, support, retractable bottoms, etc are some of the options that you may opt for. Ladder designs come both with and without them. These days the prefabricated ladders can be customized to any extent in size, height, and design to get what you want. That is why installation and planning are superbly easy when dealing with modern fixed-roof access ladders.

You can even add utilities like mesh in-fills, security lock gates, and extensions to these ladders.

What Are The Ladders Made Of?

Normally the popular material of choice for creating fixed roof access ladder systems are stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and powder-coated aluminum or iron. Among them, aluminum is the lightest weight, and stainless steel is the costliest.

Types Of Fixed Roof Access Ladders

Normally following types of fixed roof access ladder systems are used:

  • Caged ladders are the most commonly used system these days. Any style of building can get a caged ladder fitted onto it.
  • Fall arrest ladders are best installed to access roofs at extreme heights. The fall arrest system would prevent any accidental slip and fall. Therefore any fatal injury can be normally avoided. A fall arrest ladder system is common in industries or high rises.
  • Companionway ladders are generally not vertically fitted and rather come at an inclination of 65 to 75 degrees. They essentially also have handrails.
  • Fixed roof access ladders come with ladder ties. Ladder ties are added for fall protection by adding more security so that a person can work at a height for some time securely.

What Type Of Ladder To Buy?

Your choice of fixed roof access ladder systems will impact the overall budget. That’s because the time needed to install is negligible in any style of the ladder that you choose simply because they are prefabricated and get fitted directly on the site. But the design you choose matters in deciding the cost of the product. The more secure and advanced design you select, the higher the cost. Basic ladders are reasonable on pocket. Also the material you select matters a lot.

Although you can reduce the cost by selecting a basic design, it’s always advisable to choose a design that offers lots of support when the roof accessed is at a significant height. Caged ladders and fall arrest systems are much important for the support and security they offer.

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