What is a Dedicated Server: Benefits and Usage

VDS, a dedicated server, is a very popular service when a user can rent an entire virtual server from a provider, with their own desktop, for their own use. This is a fairly popular option for those who plan to develop their resources, but do not have their own server. This option is especially popular for those sites or processes that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects due to excessive requirements for connection parameters.

Benefits of a dedicated server

Such equipment is significantly different from a simple home computer, it has a number of distinctive features:

  • Large volume of specialized hard drives;
  • Very large-scale computing power, which can be divided into several processes depending on the needs of the user;
  • High-speed Internet connection, maintaining a stable speed;
  • It is not in danger of an emergency power outage, since it is equipped with backup sources;
  • The security of such a resource is much higher compared to other hosting options;
  • A dedicated server is able to create backups, most often using special storage, as a result of which no failure will lead to the loss of information or important data.

Unlike virtual hosting, the user has much more system management functions and uses the entire amount of allocated memory alone.

Features of the operation of a dedicated server

Using such a resource is quite convenient. Dedicated server tenants always have round-the-clock access on any day without any restrictions, while it is the owner of the dedicated server who provides full round-the-clock technical support, provides settings and, if necessary, professional repairs. A client using a dedicated server does not affect any issues of maintenance, security or network availability – at the same time he has complete freedom in using and installing various software – programs, systems, applications.

Dedicated servers are designed and used to handle large-scale tasks and high-load projects, in particular for clients belonging to the high and medium funding group. Its main characteristics are reliability and stability of work. Neither virtual hosting, nor VDS/VPS servers can cope with the load that occurs when visiting a site with tens of thousands of visitors, while dedicated hosting can serve many more visitors.

Dedicated servers are always used by social networks or providers for online computer games. Such projects make high demands on performance parameters, and it is the dedicated server that is able to cope with them. In addition, the Dedicated server does not allow rollbacks or wipes to occur during preventative maintenance or when merging servers.

A dedicated server is necessary not only for high-load projects, but also in cases where increased security is the most important issue. With full access to the server and the ability to configure its functionality, the security policy of the server can be configured precisely with business requirements.

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