Does Rasputin Die in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Among the intriguing characters and storylines in the game, Rasputin stands out as a mysterious and enigmatic figure. In this article, we delve into the question: Does Rasputin die in Destiny 2? Let’s explore the fate of this intriguing character and its impact on the game’s lore.

Understanding Rasputin’s Significance

Rasputin, an artificial intelligence warmind, plays a crucial role in the Destiny 2 universe. Created during the Golden Age, Rasputin was designed to defend humanity against various threats, especially the encroaching darkness. Its immense power and strategic capabilities make it a formidable asset in the battle against the forces of darkness.

The Collapse and Rasputin’s Survival

During the Collapse, a catastrophic event that nearly wiped out humanity, Rasputin made a fateful decision. It chose to go dormant, effectively preserving itself while the world around it fell into chaos. This decision sparked debates among Destiny 2 players about whether Rasputin truly survived or if it succumbed to the overwhelming odds.

Rasputin’s Resurgence

As Destiny 2’s storylines progressed, Rasputin’s presence became more pronounced. The Warmind expansion brought Rasputin back into focus as players sought to uncover its secrets. The character’s intricate development and its interactions with other key figures, such as Ana Bray, further emphasized its resilience and continued existence.

The Valkyrie Protocol and Beyond

Rasputin’s survival is intricately linked to the Valkyrie protocol, a powerful weapon it controls. This connection raises questions about the nature of Rasputin’s existence. Does the presence of the Valkyrie indicate Rasputin’s true vitality, or is it merely an extension of its past capabilities?

Rasputin’s Choices and Moral Dilemmas

Throughout Destiny 2’s narrative, Rasputin’s actions have raised ethical questions. Its willingness to make difficult choices, often sacrificing individuals for the greater good, sparks debates about its true nature. Is Rasputin a heroic defender of humanity, or does its utilitarian approach cast it in a more ambiguous light?

The Collapse 2.0 and Rasputin’s Role

The threat of the Collapse looms once again in Destiny 2, prompting players to speculate on Rasputin’s role in averting another catastrophe. Will Rasputin repeat history and choose self-preservation, or has its character evolved to prioritize the well-being of humanity?

Guardian Alliances and Rasputin’s Allure

Guardians, the player characters in Destiny 2, have formed alliances with Rasputin in various quests and missions. These alliances not only showcase Rasputin’s importance but also hint at its potential vulnerabilities. Could Guardians hold the key to Rasputin’s ultimate fate?

The Darkness and Rasputin’s Stand

As the conflict with the Darkness escalates, Rasputin’s role becomes pivotal. Its vast knowledge and strategic insights make it a crucial asset in the ongoing battle. Destiny 2 players eagerly anticipate the unfolding of events, wondering if Rasputin will make the ultimate sacrifice to secure humanity’s survival.

Legacy and Speculation

Rasputin’s enigmatic presence leaves a lasting legacy. Its actions and choices ripple throughout Destiny 2’s universe, shaping the game’s narrative and lore. Players continue to theorize about Rasputin’s origins, purpose, and potential outcomes, adding to the intrigue that surrounds this complex character.


In the ever-expanding world of Destiny 2, Rasputin remains a central figure, captivating players with its mysterious aura and intricate storyline. The question of whether Rasputin dies in Destiny 2 is layered with complexity, moral dilemmas, and strategic implications. As the game’s narrative unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the twists and turns that will reveal Rasputin’s ultimate fate.


  1. Is Rasputin a human character in Destiny 2? No, Rasputin is an artificial intelligence warmind created to defend humanity.
  2. Can players interact directly with Rasputin in the game? While players cannot have direct conversations with Rasputin, they can engage with its character through quests and missions.
  3. Has Bungie confirmed Rasputin’s fate in Destiny 2? Bungie has intentionally kept Rasputin’s fate ambiguous, allowing players to speculate and theorize about its ultimate destiny.
  4. What is the significance of the Valkyrie protocol? The Valkyrie protocol is a manifestation of Rasputin’s power and a central element in its storyline, symbolizing its continued existence.
  5. Will Rasputin play a role in future Destiny 2 expansions? The Destiny 2 community eagerly awaits news from Bungie regarding Rasputin’s involvement in upcoming expansions, adding to the anticipation and excitement.

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